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Aaron Hill

     Aaron Hill is the original founder of Hilltop^Studios, brining over 13 years of music industry experience to the company. From the time he picked up his first guitar at age 12 to the time of operating his studio by age 19, Aaron was surrounded by music growing up. His passion for music led to the start of Hilltop^Studios when he released his debut album in 2012. He has a total of two singles and three albums officially released.

     At Hilltop, Aaron acts as the CFO and COO, and created a powerhouse team with his wife, Teila Hill, and his friend, Tyler Boone. Aaron continues to record and produce music for himself and others. One of his favorite quotes comes from Academy Award winning composer, Hans Zimmer, who said “Music is an experiment…and I love digging in”. His music has been promoted on the radio, and his cover song of “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)” featuring his wife, Teila, quickly went viral on TikTok, charting in the top 10 of Venezuela’s Christian Billboard charts.

     His passion for music leads him to look for new ways to grow as an artist and music producer, enjoying every stage in the process from song writing to release. Finally, Aaron also enjoys action behind the camera, acting as Teila’s assistant for photos and music video direction.  



Tyler Boone

     Richard “Tyler” Boone brings over 10 years of experience in the music industry to Hilltop^Studios as both a rap artist and a music producer. Tyler was the founder of Underground Hype back in his hometown in Missouri, but here in Dayton, he had founded his new recording studio, 573-ENT, where his creations come to life.

     Tyler is responsible for great beats like “Slide (Check for Me)” and many more. He also works with many local artists and underground acts from all over the United States including Adrian Dent, the legendary Bond Gotti, and Aaron Hill. As a Billboard charting artist and producer, Tyler has worked industry staple, Lil Noid, from the Grammy Award winning group, Three Six Mafia. At Hilltop^Studios, Tyler continues to work as an artist and producer, combining his talent and resources from 573-ENT with operations at Hilltop.

     He functions as Hilltop’s CIO, making sure both studios are testing and using the latest music production resources. His love for music brings a passion and drive to the team. In addition to his musical talent, Tyler enjoys being behind the camera, often assisting Teila Hill with photo shoots and music video direction. He is always on the hunt for new talent, new resources, new scenery, and different resources to bring the company and its clients to the next level. 




Teila Hill

     Teila Hill is a valuable member at Hilltop^Studios. As the CMO, she oversees marketing for both the business and our clients, gaining over 2K followers on multiple social media accounts and thousands of views on any music video she promotes. As an artist, she has been singing starting at a very young age. At the age of 8 years old, Teila sang the national anthem for the opening of a Dayton Dragons game. Her deep love for music became an escape from reality which led her to sing at multiple churches.

     Her first professional release came as a feature on a cover song of “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)” with Aaron Hill, which quickly went viral on TikTok. People used this cover as their TikTok audio for over 1,500 videos, and the song charted in the top 10 in Venezuela’s Christian Billboard charts. As Teila’s marketing and singing talents continued to grow, she also developed a passion for photography, web design, and music production.

     She is the genius behind the Hilltop^Studios’ website design and social media pages. Furthermore, she has a creative eye for photography and photo editing. And finally, Teila has also grown a passion for music production. She has become more involved in songwriting and has started producing her own beats and samples. Hilltop^Studios would not be the same without her talents.




     Hilltop^Studios is an independent recording studio and record label based in Dayton, Ohio. Our goal is to produce, grow, support, and promote emerging and established artists across the Dayton-Metro area and beyond. Hilltop has the ability to produce and distribute music, create artist content (e.g., album covers, music videos, photography, web and social media pages), organize shows and tours, and create marketing and promotional campaigns.  

      Hilltop is owned and operated by Aaron Hill, Richard Boone, and Teila Hill. Together, the trio calls themselves We Are Who We Are as an homage to their blended artistic styles coming together as one in their collaborations. 

Our Mission, Vision, & Motto

  • Our Mission: to bring creativity and imagination to music artists by providing a unique entertainment experience, the highest professional music quality, and effective marketing to help shape and grow music careers using the latest digital studio software and marketing strategies

  • Our Vision: to make a groundbreaking change in the music and entertainment industry as an artist-oriented recording studio and record label designed to pull out the full potential of the artist as well as bring a dream into fruition for clients from the ground up while conducting all business with professional care, poise, direction, integrity, and purpose.

  • Our Moto: By artists, for artists



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